This is a very short post, but I just want to ask you to do me a favor:

When you read this, hopefully on the 4th, say a prayer for the ones fighting for us to keep the freedoms we have today.  Then, if you can (as in, if you know where one is located), tell a soldier thank you.  My oldest daughter and I did it last year at our town’s Independence Day celebration, and it was great.  It meant so much for them to know that SOMEONE still appreciates what they do.

So, celebrate safely, but be sure to remember the reason you have the FREEDOM to do so.  Freedom ain’t free…someone always has to pay a price.  But that someone ALWAYS knows the worth of the reward.

Enjoy your freedoms while you still have them.

Blessings to all my fellow FREE Americans!

(And, of course, blessings to all my readers, regardless of location or nationality!)