We have two roosters here, and the hen house ain’t big enough for the both of ‘em anymore!

The older (and more beautiful, IMHO) one is actually the younger, larger one’s father. Junior is about one year old, and until now, there was no fighting.

Until last Thursday.

Dad is not the king of the chicks anymore. It was a year in the making, but it finally had to happen.

For the last year, while Junior was growing, Dad would chase him off when he got too close to Dad’s “ladies,” as I call them. Junior would run away, turn and go back, and Dad would chase him off all over again. And it never really went further than that.

Crow. Chase. Crow some more. Chase again.

But, Junior finally realized that Dad was old, and he was bigger. And last Thursday, he made his move.

Now, I don’t know if you have ever seen roosters fight, but I understand why it is illegal – I never condoned it, but never imagined how cruel it really was. And once they start, they don’t stop. AND, if you get between them….well, just don’t.

Anyway, for one whole year these two roosters tolerated one another’s presence. Then, the new improved version….wait – that’s a commercial…anyway, the younger, stronger rooster decided it was his time to shine. And, he took his shot and refused to surrender.

Both roosters ended up bloody, but Junior prevailed.

Its not unlike what happens to Christians who flirt with sin in their lives. We sometimes look at certain sins as not being all that bad, something we can handle and keep in check. And, for a season, perhaps we can.

But there comes a point when a fight is imminent. One side or the other has to win. Christ in us is fighting for our souls. But the sin is fighting to hold on – and the world is pulling in that direction.

The Lord is greater than the world, no doubt. But, all too often we allow the world to silence the still small voice of God in our hearts. And the battle rages on, until one side is no longer heard.

So, look carefully into your hen house today and make sure that there is only one Rooster. ‘Cause the hen house ain’t big enough for both of them.