This is a very quick post to ask for prayers from each of you reading today.  Somehow I think I have been lucky enough to get the beginnings of the flu.  Yay me.  No, I did not get a flu shot.  My thought process went like this:  the kids don’t go to school or day care, and I don’t work outside the home, therefore, we are not at as much of a risk as others.  I won’t get one…..DUH!  Didn’t think about going to Walmart, the post office, the book store, the library, friends and family for Christmas, and oh, here’s a biggie:  HUSBAND GOING TO HIS JOB THEN COMING HOME!!!!  Boy, am I smart these days!  LOL….ok, well, now I’m paying for my complete and total lack of forethought…, um….I humbly ask for you to pray not only for my intelligence to return soon, but for this to pass quickly and be more like a bad cold than the flu.  Or better yet – like a SLIGHT cold!  I am really looking forward to our church’s New Year’s Eve celebration on Wednesday, and hope to be well…..I’d greatly appreciate your prayers!

Oh yeah, as afraid as I am to ask for this particular prayer, I need some patience!  I volunteered to take my 3 nieces and nephews for a few days home with me.  Although they are behaving pretty well together (which says a LOT for 5 kids roughly the same ages!), they are wearing me out!  I need some patience, a little ingenuity, and LOTS of stamina!

Well, that’s it…I’m heading to the couch for a little peace and quiet while the kids fish with Pawpaw Doug.  Peace….quiet….won’t last long!

Have a blessed New Year’s!  And don’t forget to sign up for our Bible Reading Challenge!