I thought I would throw something on here a little different….this is something I wrote one day for fun, just to write….it describes a desk I was using at the time…and I happen to think its pretty funny stuff, but, I could be a tad bit biased.


Well, my desk leaves something to be desired, that’s for sure. It is one of those plain white particle board things that you buy at Wal-Mart then spend hours putting together. And, it was used. It was in the trailer when we got it – since I didn’t have a desk, it was better than nothing.To the left are two shelves on top of one another. The bottom area is full of saw dust (from me drilling holes to make my wires go through the back) and dust bunnies (from me not cleaning….I feed them once a day at least, just to keep them healthy with glowing bunny coats). The tower of my computer is there, carefully guarding the dust bunnies, along with a CD case which holds all my personal computer CDs. The plug in cord from a set of headphones snakes its way up to the top of my desk from my tower since I didn’t realize that no external speakers meant no sound when I bought my computer.

The top shelf holds lots of junk – packets of label paper, graph paper, photo CDs, blank CDs, and my trusty stapler. Actually, the stapler isn’t all that trusty – it never staples the left side completely. It must be in cahoots with the dust bunnies. Behind the stapler and blank CDs are three software programs the girls got for Christmas – Alex has tried to play hers once, but they keep shutting off in the middle of the game, so I assume that the dust bunnies have worked up some master plan to crash my system. It seems they are off to a good start. On that shelf I also have the 5-page East Texas phone book.  I also have a solitary spiral notebook, one of hundreds I have bought for who knows what reason. Another pad of graph paper (what am I? A math nerd??), some cute printer paper, a purple metal ruler, an ugly pen, and an open pack of Sharpies.

Above the shelves sits my cheap DELL printer – currently out of commission since it is nearly out of black ink. It is on, but I don’t know why….no paper, no ink. Next to the printer is where the worst cordless phone EVER resides – the battery in this phone lasts all of about 20 minutes. Maybe it’s mad because it too, is covered in those dusty little rodents. In front of the printer is my newest purchase of spiral notebooks – 5 blue ones to be exact. I bought them because a book said to. No really, I’m reading a, well, two actually, books about writing a novel and one of them said – “be sure to have at least 5 notebooks – I prefer the spiral bound type,” so, of course, I ran out to get them right away. And the blue, well, it’s my favorite color. Had I gotten red, John may have thought they were his Valentine’s gift.

It seems the dust bunnies are everywhere! On my desk in front of me, I have my mouse (not related to the dust bunnies – they fight like the Hatfields and McCoys), a half-full glass of milk (always the optimist), and lots of other stuff. It’s a given that my rodent covered monitor lives here. Currently residing there are a few radical groups of rebellious staples from the untrusty stapler. These happen to be red ones. They were John’s last Valentine’s gift.

If you were here you would also notice that I have a copy of How to Write, & Sell your First Novel by Oscar Collier with Frances Spatz Leighton. (Told you I was reading.) But, there’s more…a booklet of Pass-Along Promises sits between the monitor and my book. Atop the desk are also a folded $2 bill, a hinge paper clip, 2 coasters (one holding my milk), my current month’s budget sheet (more like a doomsday report), my digital camera, a box of Aleve Cold & Sinus, a box of Tylenol Sinus, 3 debit cards (one is no longer active), a steno notebook, and a flea comb for cats.

I haven’t even begun to tell you about the keyboard tray…..


So, ummm….still want to read this blog?  LOL! 


PS – I have a new desk that my honey built for me, now!