I thought I would share this with you tonight….its not my best work, and I wrote it REALLY quickly last year for my daughter to read at our church Christmas program.  Here it is:

The Greatest Gift

The tree is all aglow

Here in Texas, there is no snow.

It’s Christmastime!

Shopping time!

Time for waiting in really long lines!

In search of a gift for a friend,

mom or dad.

We want something to give

that will make them happy, not sad.

The big day comes and

the gifts are all opened….

Did everyone get just what they were hopin’?

But wait, there is one gift left.

A gift for you and for me

This gift can’t be found

under any Christmas tree.

It’s the Savior child

Born so meek and mild

He’s come to bring Joy,

This sweet and precious little boy

He’s wrapped up tight

In His mother’s arms tonight

So make sure that on your

Christmas wish list

You have written

The Greatest Gift!