I thought I would go ahead and share this one also….I wrote this after my beloved father-in-law passed away suddenly in October of 2006.  I placed this poem, along with a photo of John, Sr., on a large ceramic tile and gave one to his wife, and my husband’s two siblings.  This poem still makes me a little teary-eyed when I read it….he was a wonderful person.

Johnny Mac

We don’t know why you were taken so early from our gaze.

We only know we’ll see you again at the end of our own days.

In the meantime though, we’ll hold on tight

To all the memories that time can’t erase from our minds.

So many people loved you so very much,

It’s hard to find someone whose life you didn’t touch.

You were always the first person we would call

When our cars or trucks needed an overhaul!

But while we worked, we would always talk

Of childhood and gardens, and walking the walk.

When anyone met you, they could plainly see

That you were exactly the person you claimed to be.

Never a fake, never a fraud,

What was seen by all was not a facade.

From four-wheelers to dirt bikes, to wrenches and corn,

An unfamiliar hat, you never have worn.

The happiest times we can remember,

Seem to be found with your grandkids in December.

No, Christmas won’t be the same without you here,

It’ll have something missing each and every year.

Your laughter and smile are the things we will miss

And at the coming holidays I’m sure we’ll reminisce.

Maybe about the time you got a Chia head for a gift,

Or all the times you picked up your children’s hearts to give them a lift.

It seemed that in every situation, you knew just what to do,

And at night in our prayers, we thank God for you

God promises that in Heaven no sorrows will remain,

And He promises that very soon He will come again.

So, with that promise we can be sure,

That even though we love you, Jesus loves you even more.