I don’t intend for this blog to be extremely political in nature;  however, I will make an exception with this post.  Especially since, if Obama gets elected, chances are my blog won’t last another 2 years without being considered “hate speech” and(because I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for Obama himself) quite possibly, treason.  Yes, I can see this (and many other blogs written by average citizens, Christians, or anyone who doesn’t agree with the Marxist ideas Obama waves around like a banner) effectively shut down or somehow completely removed from the web.

I am so disappointed in my fellow believers in Christ who can, somehow in good conscience, support Barack Obama.  Without even considering his tax proposals (which are such a lie – what he is actually proposing is a socialist country), there shouldn’t be ANY true, born-again, evangelical Christian (regardless of denomination) who could even for one second consider voting for Obama.  If you only take a look at TWO of his ideals, then, Biblically speaking, you can’t vote for him.  Let’s look at those two items.

Sanctity of Marriage:  In the Garden of Eden, God created the first marriage.  Know who it was between?  Adam and Eve.  Can you believe it?  ONE MAN + ONE WOMAN!  Imagine!  The God and Creator of the entire universe decided that this union should be confined to ONE MAN & ONE WOMAN.  Hmmm.  PERHAPS, since He designed it that way, He intended it to STAY that way?  If Obama gets elected, this will mean a Democratic majority in the House and Senate – and he will be appointing Supreme Court Justices during his term.  Do you realize the consequences of that?  We are already saddled with judges who think it is their job to legislate from the bench.  Can you imagine the horrific verdicts and briefs we would be subjecting ourselves to if the US Supreme Court was under control of the left-wing liberals?  Goodbye sanctity of marriage.  Goodbye unborn children’s rights.  Goodbye American freedom.  Hello New Sodom & New Gomorrah.

The Issue of Abortion:  This one makes me want to cry, scream, rant & rave, and mostly, pray.  The question of when life begins is, according to Obama, “above my pay grade.”  What??  When his wife was pregnant with their two little girls, at what point in the pregnancy did it, in fact, become a pregnancy?  And prior to that point, what was it?  A blob?  Did Michelle Obama tell her mother, “Mom, I’m carrying a tissue blob right now!  In 9 months it will be a baby!”  NO!  She told her the same thing ALL women say – “I’m pregnant!”  I blame Planned Parenthood for the lie about the validity of life before birth.  Obama went so far as to say that, while he would teach his girls morals and values, if they made a mistake he didn’t want them “punished with a baby.”  Now babies are punishment?  And if the timing of when life begins doesn’t persuade you, how about this – have you ever looked up and really read about how an abortion is performed?  Specifically a late-term or partial birth abortion?  The baby is completely delivered EXCEPT the head.  Then a doctor (who took an oath to PROTECT and SAVE lives at the beginning of his career) jams a pair of scissors into the baby’s skull and opens them to make room for a suction hose to literally suck out the baby’s brain.  The brain is removed, the skull collaspses, and the baby is dead.  The baby is tossed out with the trash.  What’s more is the FACT that Obama voted FOUR times against a bill that would allow medical attention to babies who (miraculously) survived an abortion.  Apparently he would rather they be placed in a dark, dirty, cold room until they starve to death.

Given just those two issues, there is no way a true Christian can vote for Barack Obama.  Jesus is an all-or-nothing deal.  He doesn’t give you the option to take what you like and toss the rest.  He says, “If you love Me, keep My commandments.”  Remember the one about adultery?  What about the one that says, Thou shalt not kill?  They are labeled as the TEN COMMANDMENTS – NOT the Ten Suggestions-until-you-come-up-with-something-more-politically-correct-list.

I hope and pray that Evangelicals come out in record numbers on Tuesday.  Either way, we serve a Sovreign God who will allow whatever He wants to best work for His glory and His Kingdom.  I will say this, personally, I think that if Obama gets elected, it is the beginning of the end of America as we know it.  And, more importantly, I think we should all (regardless of who is elected) be perfectly sure of where our allegiance stands and where we will spend eternity.  We are either for Jesus or against Him.  There is no in-between.  Unfortunately, there is a God and He does have to send people to hell (which, btw, is a VERY real place of eternal torment) for not accepting His gift of salvation and repenting of sins.

Have you made the decision yet?